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john sturgeon - Sunday, 04 October 2015 07:53

seeking information re Thomas Wilson, born 1410, died 1475.


Michael Diston - Saturday, 26 September 2015 08:51

Following an off-shoot of my family can anyone shed light on the Laurie family from Burntisland, they may well have been missionary's and possibly gone to India. Any info would be grateful, one name that crops up and which I followed is a Claude Oscar Laurie. But all info much appreciated.

Sharon Archibald - Thursday, 24 September 2015 16:08

I have been researching my Archibald family roots but have hit a bit of a wall. My last confirmed connection is to a John T. Archibald born in 1691 in Coleraine, Londonderry, Ireland. I have unconfirmed source that his father was a Robert Archibald AKA Ghileasburg who was born in 1668. I have seen his birth place listed as Londonderry as well as Alloa, Ayrshire Scotland.  My final connection - still unconfirmed - is that Robert's father was John Archibald of Kennoway born in 1650. He was married in 1668 (or 1670) to Janet Tullock who was born in 1654. They were married in Clackmannan, Scotland. They appeared to have gone to Ireland at some point and dies there in 1728.  

Can anyone point me in a proper direction from here?  I would really like to know the relationship between the Ghileasburg (Gilleasbuig) name being changed to Archibald, and how the Archibald family became attached to Clan MacPherson.


Michael Maciocia - Wednesday, 23 September 2015 13:38

Wondering if anyone else on list is researching the Davidson family descended from David Davidson (1758-1820) and Janet Watson (1756). Would like to hear from you,



Michael Maciocia - Wednesday, 23 September 2015 13:31

Looking to connect with anyone that the finds the following familiar :

David HUSBAND and Helen CRIGHTON (1731 / 1735), Markinch, Fife area. Looking to find anyone else researching the Husband line. I believe that David's father was a James Husband born in Leslie 1706 married to Margaret Wilson (1701), but, not 100% sure on this other than there seems to be no records that definitively tie them together, but, naming of children strongly suggest this is the case. Much more tentative is that the parents of James Husband ran, father - John Husband (Kemback 1675), grandfather - Alexander Husband (Kemback 1659), great grandfather - Alexander Husband (no birth date).

Wonder if anyone can help me firm up on these connections and trace the Husband origins in Fife - are they part of the Dunfermline or St Andrews origin families, etc.


Brian Westerman - Monday, 21 September 2015 22:11

I have a great grandmother born in Dunse, Parish Of Dunse, Scotland, appox. May 27, 1880,  would a middle name of Kinghorn mean anything of significance?

Harry D. Watson - Saturday, 26 September 2015 18:38

Well, it presumably means that there was an ancestor or close relative called Kinghorn! It's not an unusual surname. All over the British Isles placenames have been turned into surnames. We have neighbours called Bathgate, which is a town in West Lothian. Lothian itself is a common surname, also Glasgow, Dundee, Kirkcaldy, Melrose, you name it. I admit I've never heard of anyone called Edinburgh, apart from the Duke of ...

It's useful to know the middle name of an ancestor because it can help you build up your family tree. In England a middle name is usually another Christian name, but in Scotland traditionally it's another surname from some branch of the family, e.g. my middle name is Duff, after a great-uncle of that name.


Hans Sander - Saturday, 19 September 2015 08:16

I have arrived at Anstruther Easter, Fife where Helen Broun was born on 16th May 1676,She later married John Greig.

I wonder if anyone might have some more information about Helen's parents and perhaps even her husband.

Your reply/replies would be much appreciated.
Ngiare Swan - Sunday, 13 September 2015 00:41

Hello everyone!  I'm hoping that there may be someone reading this post who may have some connection with Peter Swan, born c.1808 in Balmerino.  Peter was my great great great grandfather.  He married Jane/Jean Muir, and their children were Margarent, Helen, Ann, Mary-Jane, William, Jean/Jane (died at 7 years old) and David, my GG grandfather, who emigrated to Australia.  Peter's parents were David Swan and Anne Beattie, but I can find no trace of their marriage, or of their deaths or births, so the Swan trail has grown cold.  Apparently the 1841 census for Balmerino was lost at sea, so I've not been able to search any further from that perspective.  I've had a genealogist trace my Swans back as far as possible, but the only definitive date is  Peter's death in Kirriemuir in 1880. I'm wondering whether there might be any of Peter's descendants still living in Fife, who may have some oral history or other tantalising tidbits to fill out the picture a little bit, please?  I have no stories at all passed down from my Swan side - they seem to have been a reticent lot!  Any assistance anyone may be able to offer would be immensely appreciated.

Thankyou very much.

Kind regards,

Ngiare Elliot (Swan)

Liz Gunn - Saturday, 12 September 2015 11:30

Hello to you all!

I would like to know about naming conventions and practices in the case of illegitimate births. My great great great grandfather(born Alexander Wallace at Kemback in 1861) was illegitimate and used his mother's name until he left home. After that, around the age of 20 and for the rest of his life, he took his father's surname(Shepherd). His father is mentioned only on his marriage certificate.His father was Alexander Shepherd - and since Shepherd is a fairly common name in the area at the time I don't know how to establish which one he was, if indeed he lived locally.

I am trying to find his father but have only his name to go on. However it did occur to me that there may be clues behind his decision to change his name when he became a man.

I would like to know what was the "done thing" in those days? My guess is that he must have known his father personally and that some legal process must have taken place to allow him to take his name. If I could find evidence of that it might help me to find him.

Any advice would be gratefully received.

Andrew Barker - Friday, 04 September 2015 22:24

Hi,  I'm looking for info on Barker's in Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland.  I understand Alexander Barker (born 1902 in Jarrow, Durham, England) and his wife Janet Pringle Mary McGibbon (born 1905 in Hebburn, Durham, England) may have moved to Scotland during their lifetime.  They had 9 children, half in Durham, but I think the other in Dunfermline.

I know for sure that their son Alfred (born 1935 in Hebburn/Jarrow) moved there with his wife in the early 1960s.  Alfred was a Boxer and I recently, and sadly found a tribute to him, after his passing in May 2015.  Alfred was possibly my 3x cousin 1x removed, so his children would be my 4th cousin.  One of his son's Russell Barker was also a Boxer who competed in the 1982 Commonwealth Games and also fought Michael Benn.

Alfred's sister Margaret apparently lives in Dalgety Bay.

Anyway, I'm trying to find out if Alexander and Janet died in Scotland and what date it might have been.

Thanks in advance.





Ed - Monday, 31 August 2015 20:10

Does anyone know please, anything about DAVID FOTHERINGHAM of 'KIRKLAND BY LEVEN'?  He was alive in 1790, was mentioned in a document about the disposal of the estate of deceased ALEX FOTHERINGHAM of Links of Arduthie, STONEHAVEN, FETTERESSO, Kincardine. Apparently the deceased Alex also had a son who was a Pupil and presumably living in Stonehaven at the time. I have been unable to find any other records. 


Betty Scott - Friday, 28 August 2015 15:41

Hi Elaine

Have you looked for your great grandfather in the 1901 census? Or an earlier census? As that would give his address. This weekend it is free to search the UK records on Ancestry.


Elaine BURT - Monday, 31 August 2015 21:15

Thanks to those who have answered my post. My great grandfather lived in Loughborough Road and his father before him Aitken Road, both were listed as Hote/inn keepers. Regards Elaine

denise ronald - Thursday, 27 August 2015 15:42

hope you can help me again .looking for the burial ground of john ronald and his wife sarah wallace .both died in glasgow. john ronald death 28/5/1944  cathcart  glasgow  age 71   sarah wallace died in 1968 glasgow, glasgow city lanark age 91yrs. please can someone tell me to find  where people are buried , i don`t live in scotland . thanks again denise.

Elaine BURT - Wednesday, 26 August 2015 19:46

Hi, I'd be grateful if anyone could help me. My great grandfather John Burt who died in 1905 was listed as a Hotel Keeper in Kirkaldy. Would anyone know what hotels were in the area at this time. Thank you.


Harry D. Watson - Thursday, 27 August 2015 18:53

I thought it would be worth checking the 1901 census of Kirkcaldy to see if John Burt was then living in the hotel he ran. But the only two adult males of that name then living in Kirkcaldy were a 67-year-old labourer and a 34-year-old potter. Do you know where your John Burt was living in 1901? 

When I worked in Fife County Library HQ in Kirkcaldy in 1968-69 one of our frequent visitors was a Mr. Burt who ran a second-hand bookshop.


Marilyn DENTON - Sunday, 23 August 2015 16:21

Hi all, I have had great results searching for records for my Fleming ancestors in Fife, but I am stuck trying to find the following graves. Any help, hint or tips would be greatly appreciated. We are planning an extended family legacy trip in fall 2016 and would like to visit these gravesites.

Janet Barnard Forbes Fleming (my gg grandmother), born January 11, 1840 St. Andrews/St. Leonards. Parents: John Forbes and Margaret Bigg. Died July 29, 1923, Muirhead Farm, Kettle. Married David Fleming December 13, 1872 in SA/SL.  She was living with her oldest child, Margaret (Maggie) Fleming Pullar in Kettle at the time of her death.

David Fleming (husband of Janet), born abt. 1844 Carnbee. Parents: Coline Fleemingstone (Colin Flemingston/Fleming) and Charlotte Mackie. Died February 7, 1925 Thornton/Markinch. 

Coline Fleemingstone (father of David), born July 19, 1801 Carnbee. Parents: William Fleemingstone and Anne Christie. Married Charlotte Mackie, 1830 Carnbee/Cameron. Died March 18, 1883 West Park, Cameron.

Marilyn Denton

heather Jones - Thursday, 20 August 2015 21:20

I am doing some family tree research and wish to find out information about a family of Wilkie . George who was my 3x Great Grandfather was a master builder in Leven in the 1830's . He built houses at Links Place .numbers 3-6 I believe . also Bayview house and Myrtle House . 
On wishing to find out more can you tell me where best to advertise if any family members /desendants are around . he had a son also called george who made his way to Doncaster and became an accountant as dis his other son . Thanks Heather Jones Aberystwyth

Betty Cox - Thursday, 20 August 2015 14:21

Seeking information on Alexander Nairn c1835 who according to census was born in Cupar. He set up homw with Barbara errol from Ceres.

They eventually ended living in Greenock via Dunsee.

Alex parents were John Nairn and Elspeth Gray and Barbara's were James Errol and Barbara Grant.

jackie Welch - Wednesday, 19 August 2015 16:41

I have hit a brick wall tracing the life of one of my great uncles. John Mundy (has been spelt Munday) married Kathleen or Catherine Martin in 1909. They married in Kirkcaldy but then lived in Dunfermline. Daughter Ruth was born in 1909. The family were in Dunfermline for 1911 census. Both John and Ruth seem to have disappeared. I can find no war record for John and no death record. I can find no marriage or death record for Ruth. However I have found a death record for John's wife. She died in Dunfermline poor house in 1917. She is described as wife of John Mundy, seaman. 

So what happened to John and his daughter Ruth.

Does anyone have any ideas. Are there any Mundy's or descendants still in the area


Paul Lyon - Wednesday, 19 August 2015 10:13

We are looking for information about a Adam Paterson, born about 1798 and married to Elizabeth. We have been told that there was a grave stone but it was put in storage for some reason.



Frances Black - Friday, 21 August 2015 13:15

What area Paul?


Fife FHS

DENISE RONALD - Monday, 17 August 2015 11:53

hi all    i am looking for decendents of the children of ALEXANDER RONALD AND MARGARET GLENNIE married in INVERURIE on 19/12/1868   they had 7 children.

leslie( WHO WE ARE ALL RELATED FROM )  , JANE  born 1868,  ALEXANDER born 1871 ,JOHN born 1873 , GEORGE born 1878  ,JEMIMA born 1881 AND  WILLIAM born 1884      some   of them are buried in the family plot in THE BASS ,INVERURIE.  We visit the grave and so do lots of relations of LESLIE RONALD. , but we have noticed that some other people(family) are putting flowers to and we would like to get in contact with all relations of the other six children . please email me at   thanks alot denise 

Sherri Sinclair - Sunday, 16 August 2015 20:40

Brick Walls:

David Simpson 1845-1902 - looking for source to prove dates of birth and death.  Cannot find on Scotland's People.  May have been born in Ayr but lived in Fife. Parents are William Simpson 1810-1855 and Agnes/Ann Paton 1816-1882.

Martha Perett/Perrit, first spouse of above David, married on 20 May 1867 in Dunfermline (proven).  Looking for source to prove dates/places of birth and death.  Cannot find on Scotland's People.  Parents are Robert Perret and Mary Reid (proven on marriage record). 

Mary Simpson, daughter of above David and Martha - b. 28 July 1868 (proven).  May have emigrated to Canada as this is where her husband, Thomas Sinclair, b. 02 Oct 1868 in Dunfermline (proven) died 22 Jan 1934 in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada (proven).  Looking for emigration/immigration source to prove migration to Canada and looking for death date and place.  Cannot find any death info for Scotland on Scotland's People. 

Jim Hendrick - Saturday, 15 August 2015 15:49

Jim Hendrick

I have been trying for a long time to find the parentage of

Charles Hendrick@Hetherwick@Hadderwick who married Katherine Sharp on 15th August 1794 in Burntisland. They were both incomers, but Katherine's father, William Sharp came from Kinglassie Parish. Can anyone help?

Karen - Thursday, 13 August 2015 05:31

Hi I am researching my Fife ancestors, in particular Baxters and Watsons who lived in  Dunino in the late 1700s/early 1800s. I have copies of baptism and marriage details from Scotpeople which say William Baxter was from Bridgend. Can anyone advise if Brigend was/is a property or a hamlet in Dunino?

Would also be interested to hear from anyone else who may be researching these families.

Many thanks


Harry D. Watson - Friday, 14 August 2015 13:40

I checked "The Place-Names of Fife", Volume 3, St. Andrews and the East Neuk.

There's an entry under Dunino parish for Bridgend, and it reads:

"The bridge in question is marked on the OS Pathf. as Stravithie Mill Bridge, and carries the St. Andrews to Anstruther road over the Cameron Burn."


Karen Tacey - Friday, 21 August 2015 03:52

Thank you Harry D. Watson - I've  had a look at this area on google maps and noted there are a few buildings which may or may not be where my ancestors resided but in any case I now have a feel for the area.

Noted your surname. Maybe we're distantly related.

 Thanks for your response.

cheers, Karen

Harry D. Watson - Wednesday, 26 August 2015 18:32

You wouldn't believe how common the name Watson is in Fife. My lot were fishermen and sailors and have lived for ever as far as I can see in the village of Cellardyke, parish of Kilrenny, but every village and parish in the area has its own Watsons, including Dunino, which is a tiny hamlet in a rural parish.


Adam Spence - Tuesday, 11 August 2015 20:42

Where would I find the copy of a will for a person who died in 1802? He was resident in Saline, Fife but died in Edinburgh. I have checked Scotlands People and the National Archives in Edinburgh, but I have not found his will. It is highly probable that he had made a will as he was a surgeon and was 77/78 years old when he died.

Debra Underwood - Friday, 07 August 2015 02:43

My grandmother Georgina Fleming McKenzie was born 17.1.1891 at Balcurvie Farm, Markinch.  Her parents were: John Mckenzie and Mary Nee Carnegie.  Mary her mother died 12.9. 1891 at Balcurvie eight months after my grandmother's birth.

I'm visiting Markinch 14-15th October, 2015r specifically to see the area. Can anyone tell me if Balcurvie farm still exists? Mary must be buried locally.

Many thanks.

Arlene LITTLE - Thursday, 06 August 2015 15:50
I have posted four family photographs on your Facebook page in the hope that somebody will recognise the people.  My grandmother, Mary Ann Hutchison nee Spittal b.1883 d.1961 is in the group photographs.  Her daughter, my mother, Rita Simpson b.1911 d.1994 is on the one dated 1936 she is standing behind her mother on the right.
My grandmother was from Leven, lived on Wagon Road and ran a little shop there. 
Should you require more information please e-mail me via the Fife Family History Society Secretary.
Many thanks,
Ron Simpson.
jackie welch - Thursday, 06 August 2015 12:39

my grandfather living in Dysart, and his brother ( not sure if he also lived in Dysart) had been  described as mattress makers. This would be around 1906

Does anyone know anything about this industry in the Dysart area.

Alistair Scott - Thursday, 06 August 2015 06:15

Looking for George and Elizabeth Scott

Further to my earlier post of 3 August 2015, Andrew Balfour and Elizabeth Scott are recorded as being married at Kilconquhar on 18 May 1838. Elizabeth is recorded in the marriage notice as "Elis'th of this parish". Confirmation of her parents and place of birth would then of course help me to identify these details for George Scott.

Any help and guidance is most welcome, as I continue this most enjoyable pursuit - from faraway Hobart in Tasmania.

Alistair Scott

walker crystal - Wednesday, 05 August 2015 06:40

im looking for any information on any sur name crystal (chrystal) in the area. my ancestors came from here in the 1860s but theres not much info on where they were before that. any info would be greatly appreciated.

Sheila perry - Sunday, 20 September 2015 09:50

Hi Walker, I'm not sure of the area of Fife you've been looking at, but one of my great-grandmothers was Montgomery Crystal - she was born in 1847 and lived in Lochgelly and later in Ballingry and Dunfermline. She was from quite a large family of Crystals, many of whom were coal miners. Some of her relatives emigrated to Utah with the Mormons.

If you get back to me I can dig out my Crystal files!


Peter Sinclair Lawson - Tuesday, 04 August 2015 17:28

Can anyone advise as to how illigitame births were accepted by the Anstruther community and the church circa 1759.

It seems my ancestor Daniel Lawson was born 4 months after the marriage of his parents and baptised at church a few days later.

Mariage of parents Daniel LOWSON and Margaret Liddell on 15.08.1759 and Daniel LAWSON their first child born 06.12.1759. Plus slight variation in spelling of surname from LOWSON to LAWSON.

Also does anyone know whether the LOUSONE family name is another variation of LOWSON and LAWSON. As there seems to have been a large LOUSONE family in Anstruther circa 1690.

I would most sincerely appreciate any advice or opinion re the above.



Peter Sinclair Lawson

su - Monday, 03 August 2015 19:00

I forgot to add my email address on first post .


su - Monday, 03 August 2015 18:59


We are looking for any descendants  of the Spink families.  

Dr William Spink born abt 1748  studied at Edinburgh University then left to become Ships Surgeon with  East India Co on the Ships, then settled in Bombay where he had 3 children with local girl named as AnnDe Rozario.. or Nancy as a pet name, they had 3 sons, 2 lived Charles and William  who returned to Scotland as children to live with their Grandmother ( of Dr William Spink ) Lelias Ramsay's family .

That line of Spinks were predominantly Mariners in Scotland .

Charles died act  1815 Scotland

William died act 1820 in Scotland.


Ron and Jean Simpson - Monday, 03 August 2015 14:26

Would like some information on my great uncle Dewar Simpson born 27th November 1874. His parents were Robert Simpson and Margaret Hamilton.  Dewar married Jessie Fernie 25th February 1898 in Polmont Stirling.  They had a son Archilbald 1899- 1964 and Isabella b. 13th August 1904. Isabella appears on the 1911 Scotland census as Bella, a boarder in the home of John and Lucinda Simpson (my grandparents) and their children.  I cannot find Dewar and Jessie at all on the 1911 census.  Hope somebody out there can help us find out what happened to them.

Ron and Jean.

Alistair Scott - Monday, 03 August 2015 03:27

Looking for George and Elizabeth Scott

Hi, I'm looking for information about my gggf George and his sister Elizabeth. George arrived in Hobart, Tasmania, from Leith in January 1828, on the Greenock, but little is known of his background eg. birth date and parents. He is thought to have been born in 1804, but it could have been earlier. Soon after his arrival, George married Alice Churnside Burns, daughter of Capt John Burns of Leith.

I have been tracking George through his sister Elizabeth, about whom we know more. Elizabeth was born around 1811, and married Andrew Balfour of Pittenweem in Kilconquhar. Elizabeth and Andrew had a daughter Elizabeth at St Andrews in March 1839 before emigrating in 1840 to Tasmania where they joined George and Alice.

Any information or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. My email address is,au



Cherylanne Bailey - Thursday, 30 July 2015 10:21


I post my WALLACE brickwall in the hope someone can shed some light or offer guidance.
My William WALLACE married an Elizabeth circa 1820 (no other details known)
and from this union William Wallace Jnr was born on 6 July 1828 at
Aberdour, Fife.  William Jnr married Jane HAXTON on 17 November 1854 at
Dalgety, Fife.
Has anyone come across these Williams in their research?  My searching
reveals that William Snr's parents could have been an Alexander WALLACE and
Margaret BEATSON but I am only guessing in relation to this.

Kind regards
Cherylanne, NSW Australia

Cherylanne Bailey - Thursday, 30 July 2015 10:17

Sorry in relation to my earlier post re SCOTT and KILGOURS in Fife, I forgot to add my email address.  Many thanks for your assistance.


Cherylanne, NSW Austrralia

Cherylanne Bailey - Thursday, 30 July 2015 10:14


Hello to all 

My 4x Great Grandfather was Peter SCOTT b. 1780 at Fife (died 28.4.1850 at Markinch, Fife) who married Elizabeth REID on 13 May 1810, possibly at Cults, Fife.

The family is found in the 1841 census as follows:

"1841 Scotland Census

County: Fife

Civil parish: Markinch

Parish Number: 447

ED: 1

Page:  5

Address: Kerkforther Fens (sic, according to spelling in 1851 census address, where is widowed wife is found, should read "Kirkforthar Feus")

Petter Scott,  Age 60 (b. abt 1781),  Occupation: Ind,  b. Fife, Scotland

Elizebeth Scott,  Age 45 (b. abt 1796),  b.  England

David Scott,  Age 30 (b. abt 1811),  Occupation: Tracker,  b.  England

Joseph Scott,  Age 18 (b. abt 1823),  b.  Fife, Scotland.

Their son James SCOTT b. 13 May 1819 at Cults, Fife married Margaret Burrell KILGOUR, b. 5 September 1831, Ch'd 3 October 1831  Portmoak, Kinross, on 17 April 1861 at Fife, Leslie, Scotland according to Banns of C/Scotland.

 In respect of my KILGOUR line, John KILGOUR married Margaret FLOCKAR (my 6x Great Grandmother Christened 5 October 1718) in Dysart, Fife, on 6 December 1743 at Dysart.

Their son Andrew KILGOUR born 16 May 1746 (christened 18 May 1746 at Dysart, Fife) married Nelly (Helen) AITKIN (AITKEN) (born 22 January 1755, christened 26 Jan 1755 at Abbotshall, Fife) on 27 July 1781 at Abbotshall.  This couple had children including David KILGOUR born 16 October 1800 at Auchterderran who married Margaret BURRELL (born 1803 at Auchterderran) on 17 June 1826 at Portmoak, Kinross and 26 June 1826 at Auchterderran.  They had children including Margaret Burrell Kilgour who married James SCOTT (as above).  These are my 3rd Great Grandparents!

 This is as far back as I have got with these lines.

 Does anyone on the list have these Fife ancestors in their line or can anyone on the list offer suggestions as to how to trace further back?  If so, I would love to hear from you.


Ronald MELDRUM - Thursday, 30 July 2015 04:43

                                         MELDRUM'S OF TORRYBURN

My greatGrandfather Robt Meldrum b1817 came to New Zealand in 1858 and I would love to be in contact with someone researching these Meldrum's.

George M b1767  m  Catherine Williamson 1791 Torryburn Fife

Mary b1989, John b1791, George b1792, Robert b1794, Janet Jane b 1796

John M b1791     m    Ann Law 1812 Dunfirmline, Fife

George b1813, James b1815,Robert b1817

any help in adding flesh to the bones would be great. Ron Meldrum NZ


Frances Black - Monday, 27 July 2015 13:11

For those of you looking for Graveyards the following may be of help

The central database for UK burials and cremations

You can search registers by Country, Region, County, Burial Authority or Crematorium free of charge.
Register as a Deceased Online user and gain access to

  • Computerised cremation and burial records
  • Digital scans of cremation and burial registers
  • Photographs of graves and memorials
  • Cemetery maps showing grave locations
  • Other occupants in the same grave
denise ronald - Monday, 27 July 2015 15:28

i have tried that web site and nothing comes up.     i know of 3 graveyards near leuchars.  1 leuchars churchyard,school lane   2 leuchars cemetry ,near st michaels golf club  and 3 vicardford cemetatry    please are there any more  thanks denise

denise ronald - Friday, 24 July 2015 12:01


Frances Black - Monday, 27 July 2015 12:14

What is your Uncles name? It would probably be in Leuchars but there is also a few small graveyards as well.


Fife FHS

denise ronald - Monday, 27 July 2015 15:21

hi sorry i forgot to say  angus snith ronald  died 25th august 1916 at 6 weeks old  thanks again denise .

Cris Todd - Thursday, 23 July 2015 20:33

Hello, I am planning a trip to Fife in September 2015 to research William Todd b November 4, 1825 in Scotland (per death certificate in Oregon USA), his wife Jennett (AKA Janet) Proudfoot Todd b February 25, 1827 in Scotland (per death certificate in Oregon USA) and their son Alexander Todd b July 4, 1847 in Scotland (per death certificate in Missouri USA). William's US naturalization record (October 16, 1873 Jackson County, Missouri) says he is a "native of Fifeshire, Scotland."  Jennett's cemetery record indicates she was born in Dumfriesshire.  Using online resources I have not been able to locate any Scottish birth, marriage or census information that I can confirm for any of these ancestors.  However, I may have found passport records for William (#35577 June 3, 1856) and Janet (#35219 May 26, 1856). I would welcome any assistance anyone can give me as I am at a loss for where in Fife I should to do my research. Thanks so much.



Frances Black - Monday, 27 July 2015 13:05

Contact our main Researcher Roddy - he may be able to help


Cris SIEBENLIST - Monday, 27 July 2015 13:22

Thanks so much Frances.

Douglas STEEDMAN - Tuesday, 28 July 2015 09:34

Hi, Cris, I am a FFHS member and  have a Tod in my tree so I looked into your Tods.

My suggestion to you is-- from Scotlands people buy  1851 census for William in Carnbee you will find exact matches for William and  Alexander and most likely other children. Agnes Hardy is the wife and mother of the children of William, suggest she and other children died because of the smallpox epidemic  of that time. So obtain Agnes's death record then Williams marriage record to Jane Proudfoot, I believe this will give you the true story of William and allow you to trace his parents. It may cost you about £20 GB [ worth it just for the documentation alone ]

Of course I cannot guarantee I am correct, but would be interested in Roddy's thoughts

 Regards Doug   

Cris SIEBENLIST - Tuesday, 28 July 2015 15:24

Thanks for the tips Doug.  I have looked on Scotland's People before and not gotten very far. I will follow your suggestions.  This might also lead to some answers for another mystery.  William and Janet (Jennett) show up on US census and other records associated with Alexander born in 1847 (died in 1912 Missouri) and another Alexander born in 1849 (died in 1925 Oregon) both identified as their sons. I have suspected that one of them was probably a nephew adopted when something happened to one of William's brothers.  I would like to know which one was actually their son and who the parents of the other were.  Doug, are you related to William, also?


Thanks again Cris Todd Siebenlist

Douglas STEEDMAN - Friday, 31 July 2015 08:49

Cris , I am not related to William. my Tod's, 4x ggmother Elisabeth, I think from Dunfermline or Cupar or Falkland.

No other site will give the information you need. Scotland's People data is transposed  by other sites, LDS site is good for roughing out. Researching Scottish families on other sites, [ I suggest ], is a waste of time. 

Let us know how you get on, good luck.

Regards Doug. 

Cris SIEBENLIST - Monday, 03 August 2015 13:31


I have been doing quite a bit of research and Roddy has been very helpful to me.  I believe you are correct that Agnes Hardie is indeed the mother of my William's son Alexander. Thanks so much for the tip! I have found his birth information and at at the time of his birth Agnes and William were not married.  I haven't been able to locate any more information and wondered if you have seen info on Agnes's death or birth and William and Janet's marriage?  Good luck locating your Elisabeth Todd.


Cris Todd Siebenlist

doug steedman - Thursday, 06 August 2015 08:15


Use Scotland's people web site to prove---, Will & Agnes married - had other children, - that Agnes died 1852, - that will & Jane married 1853.

Use of original records is a must.


Cris SIEBENLIST - Friday, 07 August 2015 17:44


Using Scotland's People I haven't been able to find any of this additional information.  I will try, try again.



D Steedman - Tuesday, 11 August 2015 07:34

Cris, please contact me,

I understand your frustration ?


darran - Thursday, 23 July 2015 12:30

hello i am trying to find out the where abouts of scott paterson born in dumfermline on 3rd september 1958.i been told he may of died,please any information would be greatful

Frances Black - Monday, 27 July 2015 12:15

Do you have his parents?


Fife FHS

denise ronald - Monday, 27 July 2015 15:36


Margaret Dore - Sunday, 19 July 2015 12:24





Christopher Wood - Friday, 17 July 2015 18:23

I would be grateful for any help in my attempt to establish a family relationship between Henry James Shoolbred (born in Manchester, 1838, to John Shoolbred from "Scotland" and Mary Bell Gullen) and John Shoolbred (born in Auchtermuchty, 30th November 1740 to John Shoolbred and Isobel Moffat), a prosperous merchant in London who died in 1801/2 and whose son James owned a plantation in South Carolina. 

Michelle Moseley - Saturday, 11 July 2015 06:44

Hi, new to this site and hoping someone may be able to help. I am researching the Peggie family, particularly Mary Peggie born abt 1812 who married George Coutts in 1834 in Dron. They moved to Victoria, Australia. Mary's parents are John Peggie and Margaret Corbett. Any info or advice appreciated.

elsie wilson - Friday, 10 July 2015 17:29


both born between 1875 - 1885 married Fyfe County - emigrated to Canada around 1900   

we are searching for family still in scotland 

CS - Friday, 10 July 2015 15:04

Does anyone have any information about my gg grandfather Henry Giles or his family? As far as I know he was a gardener and he died before 1874 - this information I found on his son Henry's (1853-1915) marriage certificate. Henry junior was born in Lochgelly, Fife about 1853  and his mother was Barbara Whyte (1828-1883) I know that Barbara married Daniel Mathieson 1856 at Lochgelly and she was a spinster when she married. I can't find Henry Snr on any Census etc so any information would be appreciated. Thank you.

CS - Friday, 21 August 2015 07:03

I'm still hoping that someone can shed some light on my GG Grandfather Henry Giles. I know nothing about him except he is named as my Grt Grandfather's (also Henry Giles) father on his marriage certificate. Henry junior was born about 1853 in Lochgelly - this information I found on census. Does anyone have any leads for the surname Giles in the Fife area or any other information on the Giles family. Thank you.. 

Dawn Christenson - Sunday, 05 July 2015 19:44


I found my 4th great grandparent's marriage records from Dalgerty on   Their names were John Paton and Lillias Duncan.  I do have the names of Lilly's parents who were David Duncan & Isabel Kirkaldy.  I belive David Duncan was from Largo.

I am trying to find out who John Paton's parents were.   I have only found the index to the marriage of John and Lillias, but not the original.   Would there be his parent's names - at least his father's on the record?

Any suggestions would be great.

Thank you,


Frances Black - Monday, 27 July 2015 12:22

Hi Dawn

As I presume this was pre 1855 it is very doubtful if parents names would be on the marriage record. You can check on Scotland's People website


Fife FHS

Alison Butcher - Thursday, 02 July 2015 19:46

MATHERS of St Monans

Any descendants of William Mathers (1789-1851) and his wife Christian Lowrie may be interested to know that a Facebook group has been set up for us to share information and photos easily.  There are members from UK and Australia.  It is a closed group but please request to join if interested.  You will find it by searching for Descendants of William Mathers.  If you are a Mathers originally from St Monans and the name Chapman Mathers is in the family it it likely you are one of their descendants.

Elaine McKenna - Thursday, 02 July 2015 11:52

My father left Fife at the age of eight with his parents to come to Australia so I imagine  there would be still a lot of people related to the family still living there.  The families last known address was Newmills/ Torryburn.

My great grandmother's name on my father's maternal side is Catherine Hogg Smith.  Catherine married a Robert Baxter and one of their children was my Nanna, Jane Ross Baxter.  Jane Ross married Patrick McKenna.  His parents were Jessica and Michael McKenna


Fingers crossed as I would love to meet some of my Scots rellies